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Geographically, Poland has (almost) everything:

  • sea (Baltic Sea)
  • many mountain ranges (including e.g. the Carpathian Mountains and the Sudetes)
  • lakes (famous Masurian Lake District)
  • forests (23 National Parks and 121 Landscape Parks)
  • rivers (the most important is our Vistula river)
  • volcanos (e.g. Ostrzyca)
  • even desert! (Bledow Desert)

You name it, we probably have it 🙂

We have got four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter) and temperatures between  -25 °C in the winter (on average -3°C) and +35 °C (on average +22°C) in the summer.

Do you have any planned holidays/trips for this year? Not yet? Visit Poland! 🙂

If you have already planned going somewhere else, then visit Poland next year 🙂

IMG_4538 Baltyk Sea

IMG_4539 Polish Seaside

DSC06802 Vistula river

Polish mountainsZywiec Beskids

Gory zimaTatra National Park

mazuryMasurian Lake District

Drawienski_Park_Narodowy_-_ruiny_WegorniDrawa National Park

polskie polaPolish rural fields

wulkanOstrzyca volcano

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