World on a piece of paper #1

Welcome back!

It seems like I haven’t been here for a while and I’m definitely not proud of it. But I do believe that sometimes you just have to take a step back, have a moment for yourself and come back stronger and better.

So here I am with my new project! Let me tell you something about one of my biggest hobbies – writing postcards. Learning new things about the other cultures was always extremely important to me. I’d tried many ways to do that (watching TV programmes, reading travel books and blogs or joining websites which allow you to chat with people about their country) but none of them lived up to my expectations. I thought that I’d be able to know something the other people don’t know, I desired the ‘secret knowledge’ about the customs in different countries, I wanted to know what people there eat, what they do in their free time, how they feel about various things and who they are. I was just curious about everything I’m not familiar with.

And exactly one year ago I found the Postcrossing project and it was like my dreams came true. Basically, it’s a platform which helps you to exchange postcards with people all around the world. The more postcards you send, the more you receive. In your profile you can write about your favourite types of postcards, whether you want them sent in an envelope or not, what your hobbies are or what you want to know about (once I had to check the price of bread, flour and butter in my shop as one lady asked for this information). And what’s more important, you’ll have lots of great memories for the future. You can even make some friends there!

When I started this, my goal was to write and receive 100 postcards and discontinue it but now, a year after, and with my goal achieved I can’t imagine doing that. Probably I won’t have time to write as many postcards as I used to but there’s no way for me to stop it.

As I’m very proud of my collection so far, I wanted to show you the postcards I’ve received so far. Today you’ll have a look at postcards from the Netherlands. I’ve never been to this beautiful country except for a petrol station on my way to Belgium and I’m very happy that I have the opportunity to learn so many new things. I always ask people to write something in their native language and it’s awesome when they actually do it! Now I know so many useful expressions in Dutch and the cutest thing is that I got a postcard from someone who is learning Polish and almost the whole postcard was written in Polish and I was so amazed by it when I read it for the first time, you can’t imagine.

A very cool feature on Postcrossing is that you have your own statistics and a map which shows the way your postcards (both sent and received) have to cover. So far I’ve received 10 cards from the Netherlands and sent there 7 which makes this country 3rd on my list with Germany and Russia in the lead. In general, I have 103 postcards sent, 102 received and 4 still traveling and I look forward to at least double this number in the future!

Stay tuned for more posts! xx




Munich and James Arthur, perfect!

Hi guys!

Recently I haven’t been blogging much, you have to forgive me! I’ve been very busy with my exams and when I finally had some free time, I went on a short trip to Munich. Now I feel I should recompense you for all the time I wasn’t here and share with you my thoughts on my travel to Bavaria’s largest city.

Munich was always very special to me even though I’ve never been there before. I just felt this city suits me and I always knew that I’ll have to go there in the future. I don’t know what it is about me and Munich but I’m 100% sure I fell for it the moment I saw the first picture from Munich in my life, definitely love at first sight.

You may think I was weird because I loved this city so much and never actually went there. I know I know but I always thought it’s very far away and I never had enough time. Now I think that the truth is that I didn’t want to ruin my perfect picture of Munich because I’d feel devastated if I went there and thought that I’d been overrating it throughout all my life.

The main reason why I decided to go to my dream city in less than 10 seconds was James Arthur. He’s my favourite singer, I honestly don’t think that somewhere in the world there is someone with a better voice than James, he literally melts my heart. Earlier in 2017 I went to London for his gig and told myself that if I don’t hug him after the show, I’d have to go to Munich in June to do this. 😛 So after coming home from London, I bought a ticket for his gig.

I spent in Munich three amazing days but had only two for sightseeing as I was queuing for the great part of one day so that I could be in the front row. Many hours of waiting but it completely paid off!

James’ gig was phenomenal, I was dancing and singing like crazy. I even touched his hand and had loads of eye contact moments with him during songs. He always gives his whole heart when he performs so it was perfect despite the fact that he had a little sore throat (it was the last concert of his tour so there’s nothing unusual about it). I already can’t wait to see him again!


Yes, he was THAT close to me *.*

The next day I started quite early because I knew that I have very much to do. These two days of sightseeing were enough to feel the spirit of the city and I must say – I wasn’t let down!

Munich looks like an extremely rich city, the prices are very high (even higher than in Berlin) and everything is lush – cars, buildings and so on.

I loved all of it! People were incredibly friendly, their German-Bavarian was fantastic and the weather was amazing. I couldn’t dream of a better trip to Munich, really.

I don’t want to write now a Munich travel guide because it was my very first visit there and I’m sure I still have plenty to discover so I’ll just leave you with some of my favourite photos from my trip. 🙂

And yes, there’s no picture of food but I’m not a fan of taking photos in restaurants and cafes. I can only tell you that eating traditional Bavarian dishes was an experience I’ll never forget. I still can’t get over it, that’s for sure. One thing I ate was Kalbslüngerl – very sour calf lungs with pickles and two dumplings – at the beginning it wasn’t very bad but the portion was large and I just had enough of it. My favourites are: beer (it’s basically everywhere, very tasty and served in 1L mugs; people start drinking at around 9 a.m. – all the beer gardens were full before I left my hotel) and all types of Bretzels and Laugenzopfs – mhm, Heaven on Earth. I loved spending time on traditional markets, I lived near Viktualienmarkt, the atmosphere there was amazing.

I recommend Munich to everyone, it’s a city everyone ought to visit! You won’t regret!


St. Peter’s Church


Church of Our Lady (view from St. Peter’s Church)


New Town Hall (view from St. Peter’s Church)


Deutsches Museum, old posters


View from the Deutsches Musem (mountains yaay!)




National theatre




English garden


Karlsplatz and Bayerisches Justizministerium

See you!