Hello there!

How are you? I hope that everything is OK!

So… somehow you came across my blog and now you’re probably wondering how it happened and why I think you’d like to give me a few minutes of your precious time. I don’t know it for sure but it may be caused by your interest in the world and different people or cultures. Or you’re simply bored.

I’m Anna and I live on the German-Polish border. I have many hobbies but the most important for me is enjoying life. Because we all have it only one. Unless you believe that after your death you’ll turn into a plant or you’re a cat with seven lives. But I wouldn’t be so sure about it, in my case. I’m trying not only to endure life but to live life in the most perfect way for me. I can’t be in the same place or city for too long, it makes me uncomfortable and anxious. But now I live where I live and I’d like to have an amazing time here. Carpe diem because “today you’re the oldest that you’ve ever been and the youngest you’ll ever be again” (Eleanor Roosevelt). There’s no point in wasting your time, just be aware of it. And as I wouldn’t like to waste mine, I decided to start writing a blog about literally everything. You’ll find here some interesting facts about both Poland or Germany and reviews of different things (including cosmetics, books, music, movies etc.). You’ll have a chance to discover places which you haven’t known or just have someone to talk to.

I have no idea if it’ll work. I’m not planning on becoming the greatest blogger in the world. I just want to share some ideas with you, as a friend. I’m always extremely honest in everything I do, I try my best at least. There are people that don’t like it which I don’t understand fully. For example, I’ll be the first person to tell you that your dish is too salty or lacks an ingredient because I’d like you to tell me it so I could improve myself next time. I hope that nobody wants to be in the same spot forever especially if it’s leading into the wrong direction.

There is one more thing that may be weird for you now. It’s the language I’m using here. I decided to write this blog in English but I’m not a native speaker. It helps me to practice my English more so if you notice some grammar mistakes or anything that will sound not normal for you as an English-speaking person, please try to understand that I’m not perfect but practice makes perfect. English will also be helpful with getting to people not from my region who aren’t familiar with Polish or German customs so they’ll be able to learn something new or simply have fun.

I can’t make you read my blog regularly, just feel free to visit me as often as you wish.

Have a good day!


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